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Latest #Sony hack likely "initiated in the last fortnight" - Prof Carsten Maple

Commenting on the hacking of Sony's online PlayStattion store Carsten Maple, Professor of Cyber Systems Engineering at WMG/The University of Warwick, said that the attack was likely "initiated in the last fortnight.

Prof Maple's comment in full:

While Sony are still struggling to cope with the fallout of the attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, they must now cope with an attack on their PlayStation Network. The new attack has only just come to light and the interesting thing will be to assess the sophistication of the attack.

The attack has been claimed by LizardSquad and is unlikely to be related to the attack on SPE. I would imagine that this attack has been initiated in the last fortnight to heap more trouble on the conglomerate. The Network has of course been attacked before when details of 77 million users were breached. The extent of the breach this time could be even worse.


Professor Maple

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