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'Look at the menu small print' - expert comments on calorie content of meals in restaurants

Research published in the British Medical Journal into calorie content of meals in UK restaurants has shown that sit-down restaurants often serve unhealthier meals than fast food outlets. GP Dr James Gill from Warwick Medical School recommends checking the menu small print when eating out.

Dr Gill says: “Just because it’s served on a plate rather than in takeaway containers doesn’t mean that a meal is any healthier. If fact, in some instances the food could be worse for you.

“Some restaurants have single dishes covering more than one third of a mans recommended daily intake of calories. That is a shocking revelation, especially given that many people are likely to dine out at least once during this festive period.

“Thankfully a lot of restaurants are now putting their calories on the menu too, so if you are trying to look after yourself this festive season, take a look at the menu small print too. Hopefully it would be a Yuletide shocker!”


Peter Thorley

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