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Obama's cybersecurity plans "important step" but Prof Carsten Maple warns against a "knee-jerk reaction"

Professor Carsten Maple, the director of research in cybersecurity at WMG's Cyber Security Centre (CSC) at the University of Warwick, said:

"Barack Obama is proposing new measures giving companies legal immunity for sharing information on attacks so that counter-measures can be coordinated. Clearly this is seen as an important step to preventing cyberterrorism and terrorism in general. However, such legislation should be carefully considered and not simply a knee-jerk reaction to a particular incident, or to win political favour. A recent Washington Post-ABC poll found that 39% of US respondents felt that government SHOULD NOT intrude on personal privacy, even if that limits its ability to investigate possible terrorist threats. The majority, 57%, still feel that it is more important to sacrifice personal privacy to investigate possible terrorist threats, but this is SIGNIFICANTLY lower than the 75% that felt this way just three years earlier. A key concern is how the legislation will respect the views of that large minority, while protecting the country, its infrastructure and interests, and its citizens."

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