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President Trumps' confirmation of America’s commitment to the One China policy

Professor Shaun Breslin from the department of Politics and International Studies shares thoughts on President Trumps' confirmirmation of America’s commitment to the One China policy..

Trump’s phone call with Xi Jinping will calm some nerves in Beijing. Trump’s earlier phone call to Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-Wen - and other comments by Trump and his close advisors - had raised concerns that the US might abandon its “one china principle” and this would give succour to those on Taiwan who support Taiwanese independence.

“The confirmation of the US commitment to the status quo will be well received in China. But it will only calm some nerves - not all of them. US actions and intentions in the south china sea remain a big cause of concern in China. So too does the potential for trade and broader economic conflict with the US national trade council now led by Peter Navarro - a man whose books include “death by China” and “the coming china wars”. So it’s a case of one potential sore soothed; others still causing irritation”.

10th February 2017