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Professor Elizabeth Dowler on the banning of online junk food adverts

Professor Elizabeth Dowler, expert in food and nutrition, comments on the new rules targeting junk food adverts for children which have resulted in the banning of the first online adverts.

“Although there will no doubt be huffing and puffing about freedom of speech and the nanny state, along with denials of targeting children, these examples of the ban being made to work show how cunning the sweets and snacks industry is in trying to reach and sustain their core market - young people and children.

“It's a pity that the cynical creativity that goes into the multi-million marketing of products known to contribute to unhealthy diets and obesity isn't put to better use. Children and young people deserve better: to live in an environment where they can freely choose healthy food, that is delicious & tasty, and not to grow up subtly influenced to want that which is good for company profits but not for preventing or reducing obesity”.


Kim Ingram

Assistant Press Officer

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