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'Reasonable chance' of last minute Brexit deal - comment from Professor Abhinay Muthoo from the Department of Economics

As talks with EU leaders on the UK's Brexit proposals continue this week, Professor Abhinay Muthoo from the Department of Economics has commented on the likelihood of a deal being struck at the eleventh hour.

Professor Muthoo said: “While this sounds incredible considering the state of the negotiations at this moment, there is a reasonable chance that the Brexit impasse will be broken in the run up to the EU summit next week, and a deal is struck.  

“Both parties are likely to compromise, in the end, but perhaps only at the eleventh hour - this is not uncommon in a negotiation with a deadline, and is known as the “deadline effect”. Each side to the negotiation - the UK and the EU – is currently holding firm to their respective negotiating positions. They are playing a version of the game of chicken, in real time, waiting for the other side to make concessions first.”

10 October 2019

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