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Stephen Roper on the impact of Carillion’s collapse on subcontractors and small businesses

Stephen Roper, Professor of Enterprise and Director of the Enterprise Research Centre at Warwick Business School, discusses the impact of Carillion’s collapse on subcontractors and small businesses.

"In December, just before the Carillion collapse, the Government announced the appointment of the new Small Business Commissioner to deal with payment issues for smaller firms and unfair payment practices.

"The collapse of Carillion and the payment challenges it raises for smaller sub-contractors looks like the first major agenda item for the new Commissioner Paul Uppal and an opportunity for him to cement his role as a champion of small business.

"Carillion’s failure threatens the viability of many small business sub-contractors which will either not get paid or, if they are lucky, will get late and partial payment. This is a situation all too familiar to many Carillion sub-contractors – the company had a record of painfully slow payment."


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