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Ted Cruz gets booed - what does this mean for Trump's campaign?

Ted Cruz sensationally withheld an endorsement of Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention this week earning a chorus of boos from the floor before he was upstaged in a power play by the GOP nominee himself.

Dr Ben Margulies from the Dept. of Politics and International Studies comments:

“Ted Cruz genuinely represents certain very ideologically orthodox sectors of the party that rejected Trump’s populism.

“More importantly, it can be argued that Ted Cruz is a power-hungry narcissist who laid out a platform for his 2020 bid when Trump fails. That Trump let him do it is a sign primarily of his poor organizational skills, or maybe some desire for staged confrontation (someone compared Trump’s appearance on the floor during the speech as a borrowing from professional wrestling).

"It won’t hurt Trump much in the short term, except maybe a little in Texas – Cruz mostly controls the Texas GOP these days, so it may affect how much effort they put into campaigning for Trump.”

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