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‘The real question is how it will resonate with voters’ - Professor Wyn Grant on Jeremy Corbyn’s conference speech

Emeritus Professor Wyn Grant, expert in British politics, comments on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at the Labour party conference in Liverpool.

“I thought that the speech go stronger as it went on (the anti-Semitism issue which has caused so much trouble was dealt with early and got the first standing ovation), and he kept to one hour. It went down well in the hall, as one would expect, but the real question is how it will resonate with voters. The child care offer is clearly designed to appeal to an important sector of voters.

His strongest claim is that he represents a new common sense, that the old way of running things doesn't work anymore and we can no longer say greed is good [as New Labour came close to doing].

There is still some ambiguity over Brexit, but that is a strategic ambiguity which helps to keep the party together.

Labour may well feel ready for government but the Conservatives will not call a general election they could lose. They would rather change their leader. We may not see a Labour Government one year from now, but a Conservative government under a different prime minister.”