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Trump is trying to win back lost ground by returning to one of his key policy themes: immigration, says US Politics expert

Dr Georg Lofflmann, Teaching Fellow in the Politics and INternational Studies Department at the University of Warwick comments on Trumps latest demands:

"The last few weeks could hardly have been worse for Donald Trump in terms of negative publicity and falling poll numbers in key battleground states. His latest remarks show the New York real estate mogul try to win back lost ground by returning to one of his key policy themes: immigration. His presidential campaign is in serious trouble.

"By proposing an extreme vetting process for immigrants and a travel ban from regions with widespread terrorism, Trump wants to demonstrate his presidential qualities, addressing a core concern of many Republican voters and Trump supporters. The proposal at the same time comes with Trump's trademark combination of headline grabbing sensationalism and lack of policy detail.

"The announcement is also an attempt to win back moderate Republican voters and Independents concerned about national security, terrorism and immigration that were put off by the recent string of derogatory Trump remarks, including when he attacked Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the parents of an American Muslim soldier killed in Iraq in 2004. Likewise, Trump's pledge to work with NATO allies to defeat ISIS comes as a response to Republican foreign policy experts, who have questioned Trump's basic ability to act as commander-in-chief after he called the alliance 'obsolete'. The next weeks will tell, if this is enough to turn Trump's campaign around and win back lost support."

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