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UK National Grid withdraws its warning - but are gas supplies secure? Expert comment.

Professor Michael Bradshaw, Professor of Global Energy at Warwick Business School and an expert in UK gas security, provides further comment in the light of the UK National Grid withdrawing its warning.

He said: "For the moment, National Grid has withdrawn its Gas Deficit warning, but this winter’s events serve to show just how fragile the UK’s gas security can be when demand soars or key infrastructure fails. The current situation has not happened overnight, but is the result of the Government’s reliance on measures of gas security that focus on the capacity of the system, rather than how much gas is available on a given day.

"In the face of industry pressure, the Government is now to revisit its recent assessment of gas security. Furthermore, Brexit serves to complicate matters as the UK could find itself the wrong side of the EU’s solidarity measures and unable to source gas from EU markets."

Read Professor Bradshaw's analysis in The Conversation.

2 March 2018


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