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UK to achieve "net zero" greenhouse gases by 2050 - expert comment

Responding to reports that the Prime Minister intends to commit the UK to "net zero" greenhouse gases by 2050 before leaving office, Dr Caroline Kuzemko, Assistant Professor in International Political Economy at the University of Warwick, said:

"The zero-carbon target may seem ambitious to some, but is necessary in order to face into climate crisis with any credibility. We need more than a target, however - we need policies and the government’s recent track record here is not good.

"As a result of government reversals in energy efficiency and solar and onshore wind policy, for example, many new, sustainable sectors have been put under immense financial pressure with many sustainable energy companies going out of business.

"As a country we need:

  • to remove barriers to continued investment in energy efficiency;
  • a renewed focus on the cheapest forms of clean energy (solar and onshore wind);
  • a nation-wide build-out of EV charging infrastructure; investment in clean public transport;
  • an end to support for fossil fuel industries - to name but a few policies

"Support for sustainable solutions now will translate into: lower costs of sustainable energy solutions, more sustainable jobs, and a higher likelihood that the UK will be able to compete in the fast emerging global sustainability markets."

12 June 2019


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