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US Politics experts comment on America's 'constitutional crisis'

US Politics experts in Warwick's Politics and International Studies (PAIS) department and seasoned media spokespeople Dr Ben Margulies and Dr Georg Lofflmann provide expert comment on the New York Times claims that President Trump asked FBI Director James Comey to drop the probe into his National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn’s Russian links amidst America's 'consitutional crisis'.


Dr. Ben Margulies, expert in US politics

“This, like the firing of Comey itself, would seem to be something like obstruction of justice. That was the crime – or one of the crimes – that brought down Nixon. However, until the Republican Party in office breaks with Trump, the mechanism that brought down Nixon – the threat of impeachment – can’t be used. Much depends on whether Trump’s core Republican support stays loyal; polls suggest it mostly is so far”.


Dr. Georg Lofflmann, expert in US politics

“That Donald Trump asked FBI Director James Comey to seize the Bureau's investigation into Michael Flynn and his connections to Russia, before later firing Comey, suggests that the President of the United States is exercising undue influence on a criminal investigation. Trump engages in behaviour that is close to an obstruction of justice, in order to block further revelations that could prove embarrassing to his administration. Together with Trump's divulging of highly classified intelligence material to Russia, the question is if Trump's recent actions are either motivated by arrogance or ignorance. In either case, they question Trump's basic fitness for office”.

Dr Margulies and Dr Lofflmann are available for interview.


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