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Why the racial problems in Missouri are reaching into every state – Dr Tim Lockley

Dr Tim Lockley is an American Historian who specialises in US race relations. Reacting to the news of rioting in Baltimore overnight, he said: "I think that the Freddie Gray case illustrates that the racial problems we saw in Missouri almost certainly reach into every state and in particular the larger cities.

“There is a widespread belief in the black community that police officers target them, and can use violence (often lethal violence) with impunity, as the court system will support them. There has to be overwhelming evidence, including video, before action against white officers is taken.

“The cases like Freddie Gray’s have been happening for years, but since Ferguson and the other recent cases, the media are far more interested in what is happening, and I think the black community are themselves more determined to do something about it.”

Note to Editors:

Dr Tim Lockley is available for interviews after 1pm (BST) today (28 April).

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