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Warwick/IPT Policy Briefings

This podcast series is the result of a partnership between the University of Warwick and the Industry and Parliament Trust, an independent charity that works to bring members of parliament and industry leaders together to exchange ideas and experience through a range of activities including fellowships, training and seminars. In these podcasts, policy-makers and business leaders meet academics from the University of Warwick to discuss issues that are high on the policy agenda and hear about the latest research in the field. This year our speakers are discussing topics including cyber security, China in the 21st century, and the future of UK food security. You can also find a briefing paper on each topic, written by the Warwick expert, at

The Future of Household Food Security in the UK

09:37 Wed 28 Nov 2012

Growing numbers of people in the UK are going hungry because they cannot afford to buy food. Charities are struggling to cope with demand, and no policy strategy has been put forward to relieve the strain.


How much risk is too much?

09:33 Wed 28 Nov 2012

Recorded at an Industry and Parliament Trust briefing, the Right Hon Hazel Blears MP talks to Dr Bridgette Sullivan-Taylor, Associate Professor at Warwick Business School, and Mr Richard Waterer of Marsh Risk Consulting.