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Engineering and Technology

  • Warwick Manufacturing Group

    WMG at the University of Warwick was established by Professor Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya in 1980. We are an international group, with collaborative centres in the UK, India, China, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore and Thailand. Our mission is to improve competitiveness through the application of value adding innovation, new technologies and skills deployment. Our major research themes are materials and sustainability; digital technologies; manufacturing technologies and operations and business management. We educate the industry leaders of tomorrow through our full-time Masters and Professional Programmes, which are delivered through our UK and international centres.
  • ELVIN (Electric Vehicle with Interactive Noise)

    A little green van called ELVIN is whizzing around the University of Warwick as part of a major research project aimed at tackling the safety issues linked to the lack of sound from electric vehicles. ELVIN will be able to emit many different sounds aimed at alerting pedestrians and other road users that he is nearby. People who hear ELVIN’s sounds will be asked to give their opinions on a range of issues including whether they are suitable as a warning or whether they are just annoying.
  • Aerospace Manufacturing Conference

    This year the Aerospace and Defence Knowledge Transfer Network Committee hosted their Aerospace Manufacturing Conference and Technology Roadmapping Workshop at WMG. The event focussed on issues concerning future technology and research areas for sustaining commercial viability within the Aerospace Industry and Roadmapping Technology sector.
  • 30 years of WMG

    A celebration of 30 years of WMG. WMG (formerly Warwick Manufacturing Group) is an academic multi-disciplinary unit at the University of Warwick. It was established by Professor Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya in 1980 in order to reinvigorate UK manufacturing, through the application of cutting edge research and effective knowledge transfer. It has since grown into a global force, delving outside its manufacturing core into new sectors: health, banking, the built environment and digital technology to name a few.
  • Neuroimaging: Brainwaves for Marketers

    Presentation about new developments within neuroscience. Neuroimaging is about mapping brain responses to multi-sensory stimuli. It is one of the powerful neurosciences that are just about to revolutionise the way we market.
  • Warwick Mobile Robotics

    Warwick Mobile Robotics is a project developed by a group of final year, multi-disciplinary MEng students at the University of Warwick. The project is part of the School of Engineering, with a laboratory situated in the IMC, International Manufacturing Centre, home of the world renowned WMG. WMR has support and assistance from two PhD students and two University academics who act as the project directors (Prof. Ken Young and Dr. Peter Jones).
  • Building a Chocolate Powered Race Car

    How a team at the University of Warwick built an F3 race car that is powered by chocolate and made from materials derived from vegetables.
  • Neuromarketing

    Cognitive neuroscience has revolutionised our understanding of the consumer's brain - a fact with huge implications for business and marketing. In this one-day event, you will hear from practitioners, clients and academics at the forefront of neuromarketing. Hear how neuroscience is being applied commercially to research and develop new products and services, improve the effectiveness of communications and boost revenue.
  • Engineering at the University of Warwick

    A collection of podcasts and videos from the University of Warwick focussing on research stories in engineering and manufacturing.