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Academic jobs market shows depth of pandemic’s impact on UK universities - but also shows strong signs of recovery

Figures released today, Thursday 10th December, by the academic jobs recruitment site not only reflect the depth of retrenchment and caution in UK higher education and research institutions but also now show clear, strong signs of a growing return of confidence across the sector.

Paul Brewster, Director of the University of Warwick’s Warwick Employment Group which operates said:

“It will be no surprise that as an organisation we saw the number of new roles advertised overall by higher education and research institutions slump from just over 6000 active job adverts in most months of 2019 to a low of just 2154 active adverts in April of this year.”

“However it is a more than welcome surprise to also see that those figures are now giving clear and strong signs of recovery and returning confidence in the sector, and that that turnaround actually began as early as June of this year.”

“While those numbers have not complete recovered November 2020 saw almost twice as many active adverts of higher education and research roles than at the peak of the pandemics impact on the sector’s confidence in April.”

Table of active jobs adverts on from UK Higher education and research.


Nov 2019


Dec 2019


Jan 2020


Feb 2020


Mar 2020


Apr 2020


May 2020


Jun 2020


Jul 2020


Aug 2020


Sep 2020


Oct 2020


Nov 2020


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10th December 2020