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Election Experts

Political Commentary - Professor Wyn Grant
Office Tel: 024 7652 3720
Home Tel: 01926 429353
Web Site Url:
Areas of Expertise: Politics and politicians. Pressure groups and protest movements. Agricultural and food policy. Environmental policy and pesticides. Economic policy and the DOHA round of trade talks.

Renewable energy - Professor Tim Jones
Office Tel: 024 7652 8265
Areas of Expertise: Renewable energy sources.  Solar PV electricity generated from the sun). Electronic and optoelectronic devices; inorganic and organic semiconductor material; thin film deposition techniques.

How Politicians present themselves - Dr Martin Skinner
Office Tel: 024 7652 3177
Home Tel: 01926 831773
Areas of Expertise: All aspects (verbal and non verbal) of face to face communication and social interactions (eg expressions, gestures, clothing etc). Self presentation. Meanings and motivations behind physical appearance and style.

Terrorism and War - Professor Caroline Kennedy-Pipe
Office Tel: 02476 523303
Areas of Expertise: International Relations; International Security Studies; Terrorism and Political Violence; International History; Cold War History; Women and War; the origins of major wars.

Islam Race and race relations - Professor Daniele Joly
Office Tel: 024 7652 4869
Home Tel: 0121 449 7792
Languages Spoken: French, Spanish
Areas of Expertise: Refugees and asylum seekers in Europe. Muslims & ethnic relations in Europe. The French Communist Party and the Algerian War. Immigrant associations in Europe. Muslim women. Muslims in Prison. Anglo/French relations.