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Four University of Warwick scientists chosen for prestigious Royal Society scheme

Four University of Warwick scientists have been selected for a prestigious scheme which aims to nurture the next generation of scientific leaders.

The Royal Society, the UK’s national academy of science, has announced the appointment of four University of Warwick University Research Fellows (URFs) for 2012.

The scientists, whose research areas cover mathematics, quantum computing, chemistry and plant sciences, are part of a group of 36 chosen nationwide who started taking up their new posts at the start of October.

Dr David Loeffler takes up the role in the Mathematics Institute, Dr Rebecca Notman in the Department of Chemistry, Dr Gavin Morley in the Department of Physics and Dr Vardis Ntoukakis in the School of Life Sciences.

The highly competitive University Research Fellowship scheme aims to provide outstanding scientists who have the potential to become leaders in their chosen fields with the opportunity to build an independent research career.

Dr Gavin Morley, who will be working on quantum computing in the Department of Physics, said he was delighted to be awarded the fellowship.

He explained what his research will focus on.

“I am working on the development of a quantum computer, which is the field that has just won the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics,” he said.

“I use electrons and nuclei to store quantum information, and in particular their ‘spin’ which you can think of as a tiny compass needle that tends to line up when I apply a magnetic field.

“I use magnetic resonance to control these spins which is just like with the MRI machines in hospitals.”

The other newly appointed URFs at Warwick are working on the following areas:

  • Dr David Loeffler – Mathematics Institute - L-functions and Iwasawa theory
  • Dr Rebecca Notman - Department of Chemistry - Modelling the lipid layers of the human skin barrier
  • Dr Vardis Ntoukakis – School of Life Sciences - Role of chromatin remodelling in plant microbe interactions


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