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IGGY’s online educational network launches in Pakistan

IGGY, the international, social and educational network for gifted young people created by the University of Warwick, will launch in Pakistan this month.

IGGY gives members access to interactive educational resources and allows them to work with top academics, student mentors and other gifted young people around the world to exchange ideas, debate, learn and explore in a safe environment.

The network has over 2,500 Members from more than 32 countries, including Pakistan. IGGY will have an official launch in Pakistan on 19th November at Lahore College for Women University.

IGGY is for gifted 13-18 year olds and all eligible students at Lahore College for Women University will receive membership of the website.

Peter Sadler, Head of Customer Engagement for IGGY, says: “I am delighted to attend the launch of IGGY at Lahore College for Women University, where it is expected that hundreds of students will attend in order to receive their IGGY Memberships. Students from across the world have already benefitted greatly from IGGY, and it is exciting to be able to welcome new students from Pakistan into our thriving community.”

Prof Dr Sabiha Mansoor, Vice Chancellor of Lahore College for Women University says: “I am delighted at the opportunity IGGY will give to top position holders from across Pakistan studying at LCWU, to be a part of the global community of gifted youth. IGGY will give our extremely gifted young women a platform to shine in an international setting and explore their academic potential in an exciting and challenging manner. IGGY is an immensely useful academic network designed to help gifted young people between the ages of 13-18 realise their full potential. It will give our students access to great educational resources and encourage them to work with top academics and other gifted young people around the world.”

Aateka Vaseer is a 15 year old IGGY Member from Pakistan. She says: “Finding out about IGGY was the best thing ever. My experience with IGGY until now has been exciting and superb, it has helped me broaden my horizons and learn with kids from around the globe. The debate section and the Gobby Academy are my favourite learning tools on IGGY. I would suggest all students give it a go because it was unquestionably and undoubtedly the best decision of my life to join IGGY.”

Peter Sadler and representatives from the University of Warwick Pakistan Office will also visit several schools in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi in order to introduce IGGY to teachers and students. If there are schools or organisations that would like to meet with the IGGY Team between 18 November and 22 November, they should contact Warwick University’s Pakistan Office (WPO) by email or phone.

Notes to Editors

To find out more about IGGY in Pakistan, please contact WPO by email: or by phone on 0423 588029