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Former Warwick Students To Fund 25 Scholarships for Students Facing Financial Difficulties

Originally Published 1 October 1999

The abolition of the student maintenance grant means students today face a much tougher time financially than many of their predecessors. In recognition of that fact the University of Warwick's association of past students - the Warwick Graduates' Association- have announced today that they will join in partnership with the University to fund 25 scholarships for students whose "personal finances and origins lead them to be significantly disadvantaged when seeking a place at the University of Warwick."

Each of the 25 students will receive £2000 a year for each year of their three year degrees. The Warwick Graduate Association scholarships will be open to applicants to Warwick's undergraduate degree programmes starting in the academic year 2000/2001.

Rakesh Bhanot, President of the Warwick Graduates Association, said:

"All of us are aware of the benefits gained from the marvellous educational experience provided by Warwick because we also had access to the financial support of a full student grant. Today, many potential students could miss out on the life enhancing experiences we had at university due to lack of sufficient funding -so the Graduates Association decided to give something back and form a partnership with the University to fund these new scholarships."

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