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Warwick Declared to be UK's Most Productive Research University

Originally Published 12 October 2000

New "performance indicators" just published by the Higher Education Funding Councils reveal that the University of Warwick is the UK's most productive research university - ranked well above both Oxford and Cambridge. The figures published in a league table by Research Fortnight magazine ranked Warwick 1st overall (a jump of three places from 4th overall last year). Cambridge is ranked 7th, Oxford is ranked 8th, the next highest West Midlands University is Birmingham - ranked 31st overall.

The table ranks universities according to research grants and contracts awarded in relation to staff costs. Warwick topped the table by attracting almost two and a half times the average amount of research funding relative to staff costs. The table also notes Warwick's success in attracting a large number of PhD postgraduate students in relation to overall staff costs.

One of the reasons the University of Warwick is able to operate in such an efficient manner is because it generates over 65% of its own income from links with industry etc meaning it relies much less on Funding Council support.

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