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Language Centre balloon race piles up foreign coins for charity before euro makes them defunct

Originally published 19 September 2001

As part of the European Year of Languages, the University of Warwick's Language Centre is organising a special charity balloon race to gather in locally held foreign coins and currency before many of those currencies are made defunct by the Euro.

Visitors to the Language Centre's special language learning open day running from 10am till 9pm on Tuesday 25th September will be able to purchase entry into the race by bringing along foreign currency. The proceeds from that collected currency will go to support the Cancer Research Campaign. The race winners will receive prizes, the senders getting a package which includes a 5-day cross-Channel trip donated by P&O Stena Line, plus a free language course at the Centre worth £74 and book tokens to the value of £25. The finders of the furthest flying balloon by 1 November date will receive £50.

The balloon launch will take place at 6pm but the special Language Centre Open Day will also include advice on language learning, computer-based tasks, quizzes, songs, films, competitions with a range of other prizes and other fun activities throughout the day.

For further information contact:

Dr Bob Powell, Director
or Philip Parker, Manager
University of Warwick Language Centre
Tel: 024 76 523462

Further information about the above press release and all other media services at the University of Warwick can be obtained from:

Peter Dunn, Press Officer
University of Warwick
Coventry, CV4 7AL
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