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Launch of the Warwick Skills Certificate

The Warwick Skills Certificate was launched on 24 October to academic and administrative staff, students and employers. The Vice-Chancellor, Professor David VandeLinde introduced the Certificate as reflecting the University's commitment to offer students the opportunity to recognise, develop and gain credit for those skills required to be reflective self-managed learners, effective graduate employees and active members of society.
For more information on the Warwick Skills Certificate visit the website:

Over 40% of graduate opportunities are advertised for graduates of any degree discipline. Recruiters look for evidence of skills used as predictors of future potential and it is the demonstration of these skills that distinguish the good applicant from the rest.

"The Warwick Skills Certificate has been welcomed by a wide range of recruiters because it combines skills that a student needs to be an effective learner at university and in their career beyond Warwick with skills that will make our graduates capable and enterprising employees."

With teaching already underway, student interest in the Certificate has been high with almost 350 online registrations thus far. Pavel Erochkine, a student in the Department of Economics and the very first student to register for the Warwick Skills Certificate attended the Launch and commented: "I think the most important thing is that it clearly indicates to students, employers, Government and other educational institutions that the aims of a Warwick education are not only to fill students with knowledge and information but to ensure that graduates have the very necessary skills and qualities to succeed in the outside world. Education isn?t just about learning a specific subject but also about learning to think logically and creatively and about being able to acquire new skills fast. The Certificate is an important step towards making Warwick graduates even more flexible and thus more successful."

The Certificate has been developed though partnerships with the Department of Continuing Education, Careers Advisory Service, Mercia Institute, Senior Tutor's Office, Language Centre, Warwick Writing Programme, Working with Young Offenders Programme, Centre for Education and Industry and the Students' Union.