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University Wins £650,000 Energy Efficiency Grant

Originally published 14 August 2002

The government has awarded the University of Warwick £650,000 to upgrade its energy network to across its halls of residences The sum awarded to the University represents almost one fifth of the £3.3 million total of the Community Energy Schemes announced this month as part of the government's Community Energy programme.

Environment Minister Michael Meacher said:

"These schemes will heat homes as well as public buildings including schools, university halls of residence, museums and leisure centres. We are contributing more that £3.3 million to the eight successful bids which have a total cost of more than £12 million."

University of Warwick service engineer Rodney Perry said:

“The University of Warwick is delighted with this award. It will use it to bring energy efficiencies to the heating and power supply for over 2,000 students. It builds on earlier similar work by the University to bring the same energy efficiencies to some of its science buildings. As well as saving fuel costs it will also mean a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.”