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Warwick Manufacturing Group to create Malaysian Manufacturing Institute

Originally published 22 August 2002

On September 2nd the University of Warwick's Manufacturing Group (WMG), and the Government of Malaysia, will sign a significant agreement to create a brand new Advanced Manufacturing Institute in Kuala Lumpur which will shape the future of manufacturing industry across all of South East Asia.

The new multi million dollar Institute will have the responsibility of training senior management for both Malaysia and the rest of South East Asia’s manufacturing sector. Its role will be to accelerate the output of skilled labour, help to diversify exports and export markets and to develop the region's indigenous R&D capabilities. It will be modelled closely on Warwick Manufacturing Groups International Manufacturing Centre at the University of Warwick which both creates new manufacturing technologies and techniques and also searches the world to bring the latest engineering technology and techniques back to the UK to assist British manufacturers.

Professor Kumar Bhattacharyya, on behalf of WMG, and Dr Ahmad Zaharudin, Science Adviser to the Malaysian Prime Minister, will sign the agreement.

Professor Bhattacharyya said, "We have been working in Malaysia for a number of years with many of the country's top businesses from Petronas and Proton to Malaysian Telecom and Malaysian airlines. We already have over 200 post-graduate students in Malaysia, this takes our level of collaboration to a completely new level extending our activities from education and training into research and development. We are particularly pleased that they have shown their confidence in us to help enhance Malaysia’s competitiveness."

The developments in the World Trade organisation particularly with the admission of China is putting tremendous pressure on all the manufacturing economies in South Asia. Manufacturing is of tremendous importance to the Malaysian economy generating 85% of the value of the country’s exports.

Dr Zaharudin said that, he was delighted that they had been able to extend the collaboration with Professor Bhattacharyya and WMG. He said "The global experience of Professor Bhattacharyya and his Group is of immense value to us".

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