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Lord Dearing and Others Consider Faith Schools at University of Warwick Policy Briefing in London

Originally published 24 May 2002

Lord Dearing (who recently chaired the review of church schools), Marilyn Mason (Education Officer for the British Humanist Association), Abdullah Trevathan, (Head Teacher of the Islamia Primary School in London) and Professor Robert Jackson of the University of Warwick will all be panellists at a University of Warwick policy briefing on Faith Schools on Tuesday 28th May at 12 noon in the University’s London office at 11 Tufton St, Westminster.

The audience attending the briefing is equally impressive including senior figures from parliament, the teaching unions and religious bodies. Professor Jackson will particularly highlight the 1998 School Standards and Framework Act which introduced local school organisation committees, one of whose roles is to make decisions at the local level about proposals for new faith-based schools. He will express particular concern about the “huge responsibility on the shoulders of committee members who have the power to make very significant decisions”.

The Secretary of State, in her speech in the February 5th debate in the Commons, was at pains to point out that the responsibility for approving or rejecting application lay with these committees and not with Government. They are composed of representing the LEA, schools, Further Education Funding Council, The Church of England, Roman Catholic Church, with the possibility of a sixth group at the LEA's discretion.

Press are welcome to attend: please contact Peter Dunn if you wish to do so.