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New Pathway for Professional Progression and Promotion for FE Teachers Launched

Originally Published 19 November 2002

The University of Warwick's new Centre for Lifelong Learning has just launched a new Foundation Degree in Post-Compulsory Education and Training which will also be a key element in a new professional pathway for FE teachers and others involved in post compulsory education and training.

There is a statutory requirement for all new entrants to teaching in the post-16 sector to complete a FENTO endorsed professional teaching qualification, such as PGCE or a Cert.Ed. However many teachers and managers in the sector feel a need to build on this solid starting point to help teachers in post-16 education to develop further professionally and to assist them in their career development. The University of Warwick and its partner colleges have responded to this need by their creation of the first full degree in Post-Compulsory Education and Training.

Dr Stephen Hill Academic Director of University of Warwick's Centre for Lifelong Learning said:

"This will enable practitioners to pursue their continuing professional development beyond the CertEd level into either foundation or full honours degree with the flexibility to allow exit and rejoin the pathway as their professional careers develop. It supports the university's mission to widen participation as we will be playing a major role in supporting our partner colleges in their drive to bring high quality education opportunities to even more people in our region"

This degree will not only provide an entrance to teaching in the post-16 sector, it will also, for the first time, provide a clear, universally recognised programme of professional development for FE and other post-compulsory education teacher which teaching staff can use to validate bids for promotion or progression within the profession.

Gill Manthorpe, Assistant Principal (Teaching and Learning) City College Coventry said:

"This new programme will, for the first time, offer those working in FE the opportunity to undertake a vocationally relevant series of qualifications that will not only develop their knowledge, understanding and professional expertise it will also be of considerable benefit to the organisation and the sector as a whole."

The pathway programme allows teaching staff in FE, and the rest of the post-compulsory education and training sector, to progress through a seamless programme that brings together the University's FENTO endorsed CertEd, with a new Foundation Degree and full degree level qualifications. That programme can also be configured to include a module covering the teaching of 'Basic Skills'. As the pathway programme is seen as Initial Teacher Training DFES will fully fund the course fees at every level of the pathway from the CertEd to the full degree.

Dr Fergus McKay from University of Warwick's new Centre for Lifelong Learning said:

" This is an exciting and unique venture. We have developed the first fee-funded Initial Teacher Training Degree for PCET . We believe that it will support the advancement of professionalisation in the FE sector."

Delivery of the programme is being piloted by 12 students at one of the University's of Warwick's partner colleges - Evesham College in Worcestershire. The University intends to offer this pathway programme with all its partner colleges in Coventry and Warwickshire later this year.

For further information please contact:

Dr Fergus McKay 024 7657 4180

Dr Stephen Hill 024 7652 4178
Mobile 0771 509 5642