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Scientists from Russia's Oldest University Turn to the University of Warwick

Originally Published 12 December 2002

Scientists from Lomonosov Moscow State University will visit Warwick Ventures, a department of the University of Warwick, on 17th December 2002 to tap into Warwick's expertise in transferring new scientific and technological developments into industry.

Warwick Ventures' mission is to develop the results of University research, to ensure that innovative ideas are fully commercialised. As Russia moves from a centrally planned economy to a free market system changes have brought about significant uncertainty, and there is an urgent need for effective entrepreneurship and to boost the economy.

Dr Ederyn Williams, Director of Warwick Ventures, said: "The world is in the midst of a major transformation that is simultaneously technological, economic, cultural and social. Universities are a fantastic resource and contain a wealth of talent. What's more, new developments embrace emerging technologies and stimulate economic generation."

Dr Ederyn Williams continued: "With the creation of new spin-off companies, technology transfer provides a much-needed boost to the economy at a time when traditional manufacturing industry is in decline. With already over 20 spin-off companies, Warwick Ventures has a track record of successfully maximising the commercial application of research at the University of Warwick, and Moscow State University is now seeking to follow in our footsteps."

During their four-day stay the Russians, including Vice-Rector Professor Vladimir V. Belokurov, will follow a specially designed program, will visit Warwick's world-class Manufacturing Group, Biological Sciences and several University spin-out companies. This offers a rare opportunity to develop new relationships between Russia and Britain, with the expectation that MSU will draw on best practices from Warwick's innovation centre and establish a successful technology transfer department.

Dr. Georgy Laptev, coordinator of the Russian delegation, said: "This is an excellent opportunity to discuss co-operation between Moscow State University and the University of Warwick in science and education."

This is the first of three visits, funded by the European Tempus fund, to study Warwick's successful technology transfer program. A reciprocal visit is planned for the New Year, when Warwick Ventures will send representatives to Russia to assist in the foundation of a similar department in Moscow State University.

For more information contact: Mr Tom Blount, Warwick Ventures, Tel: 024 7632 3326 Mobile: 07714 237348 or Jenny Murray, Assistant Press Officer, University of Warwick, Tel: 02476 574255 Mobile: 07876 217740

Warwick Ventures spearheads the University of Warwick?s commitment to maximising the commercial application of research to benefit the regional, national, and now international economy, through patenting, licensing and creating spin-off companies based on research innovations.

Established in 1775 Moscow University is the oldest Russian University, and is particularly noted for its expertise in science and research. It features regularly among the top 5 universities on international listings for international education.