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Turnaround in Robot Sales to UK Companies Shows Some Grounds for Economic Optimism

Originally Published 14 January 2003

Figures announced by the University of Warwick based British Automation and Robot Association (BARA) show some signs of an increase in investment in automation by UK companies. After a run of six quarters where robot sales in the UK had been reduced from similar figures from the previous year, finally quarter four figures in 2002 show an increase. Robot vendors are also predicting a good first quarter for 2003 with some large orders from the automotive industry due to be placed.

Quarterly Robot sales figures 1999-2002

Table 1999 2000 2001 2002
q1 207 182 250 221
q2 181 412 238 199
q3 349 314 188 110
q4 204 304 152 187

Over the last few years quarter four has always been a slow one and after a record low in quarter three the industry had been expecting the worst. This upturn certainly gives cause for optimism despite 2002 being a bad one for the industry.

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