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Programme to Create New Generation of Teachers Trained To Meet Needs of Gifted and Talented Children

NAGTY Summer School 2002
NAGTY Summer School 2002

Originally published 27 October 2003

The National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth at the University of Warwick is delighted to announce that the Gatsby Charitable Foundation have made NAGTY a grant of £641,966 over three years. The project is designed to help newly qualified teachers to increase their understanding of how best to teach gifted & talented young people.

The "PGCE Plus" projects: groups of students completing their PGCE will be invited to undertake a "Plus" 3-week course of study based around NAGTY's Summer School Programme. Following this experience they will be supported during the first two years of their teaching career through an individually tailored continuing professional development (CPD) programme co-ordinated by NAGTY.

National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth Director Professor Deborah Eyre said:

"This project will provide a template for building new expertise in the school sector in the best methods of teaching and supporting gifted and talented young people."

For further information contact:

Professor Deborah Eyre 024 76 574220