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Lambert Review Says Warwick One of UK's Most Entrepreneurial Universities

Originally Published 04 December 2003

The Government's Lambert Review of Business-University Collaboration praised the University of Warwick for its close and effective work with business and industry describing the University of Warwick as "one of the most entrepreneurial universities in the country". Extracts mentioning Warwick from the report which can be read in full at now follow:

"As with the private sector, devolution is not always appropriate. Warwick, consistently one of the most entrepreneurial universities in the country, remains committed to a centralised management structure. While decentralising some aspects of financial management, Warwick believes it is vital for every unit to be part of the team. The head of every cost centre is a member of the university 's Steering Committee and is thus involved in all aspects of university decision- making and planning on a weekly basis."

"The most successful relationships between universities and industry involve people from both organisations working closely together throughout the research programme ......The University of Warwick maintains strong links with business on its own campus. As well as developing the Warwick Manufacturing Group, where people from business mix freely with university researchers, the university has a number of departments working to facilitate these relationships. Informal contacts are also built through board-level appointments of university personnel to industry bodies and companies, and vice versa."

"In many cases the development agencies have played a significant enabling and funding role, and they should continue to support the development of wider shared services. For example: Advantage West Midlands set up Mercia Spinner, led by Warwick and Birmingham Universities, to provide shared spinout support services for the universities in the region."

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