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National Student Employment Week Turns Spotlight on Untapped Potential for Regional

Originally published 19 February 2004

This week the University of Warwick is encouraging businesses across the region to take advantage of the wealth of student talents by employing them part-time and during holidays. The week provides an ideal opportunity for businesses to find out more about services such as Unitemps, the university’s very own temping agency, designed to help students gain employment on a part-time basis, to subsidise their living costs and utilise their skills.

Unitemps helps University of Warwick students find part-time and vacation work to fit in around their studies and puts local businesses in touch with students.

National Student Employment Week highlights students as a valuable resource for employers. To celebrate, Unitemps and the Centre for Lifelong Learning are launching a Unitemps Employment Module on the Warwick Skills Certificate. The Warwick Skills Certificate is an accredited programme for undergraduates and supports the acquisition of higher-level skills. The course leads to a Certificate in Higher Education recognised by future graduate employers.

Unitemps provides a focal point for employers - for whom students provide a valuable resource. The agency already has over 4,000 registered students, who are either in employment at the University of Warwick, or currently seeking work.

For many students the experience of undertaking part-time work offers them more than just a salary. They gain experience valuable ‘hands on’ experience in a working environment.

Sue Thorn, Manager of Unitemps at the University of Warwick, said: “When you employ temporary staff through Unitemps you get a unique online employment service with access to intelligent, motivated and enthusiastic staff who can be placed within minutes. Rising numbers of students are balancing their studies with part-time work. We want to bring the skills and experiences of students to the attention of employers, especially those that perhaps have not considered employing students before now.”

Further, just by choosing Unitemps to employ temporary staff employers help students gain formal accreditation towards a Warwick Skills Certificate. No extra time or work involved for employers, and students carry out their module work in their own time.

Sue Thorn added: “Next time you need some extra help – choose Unitemps and not only are you guaranteed to get high-quality temps working for you, but, also, a student could be on their way to a vocational skill qualification.”

For more information contact:
Jenny Murray,
Communications Office,
University of Warwick,
Tel: 02476 574 255,
Mobile: 02476 574 255