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International Debate on Translation in Global News

Originally Published 23 March 2004

The University of Warwick is hosting a ground-breaking international debate to explore the role of translation in the production of global news and the practices of news agencies, television and newspapers, which is set to bring together high profile journalists and editors, professional translators, and academics on 23rd April 2004.

Key speakers include Eric Wishart, Agence France Presse Editor-in-Chief, Anthony Williams, Reuters Treasury Editor and Mario Lubetkin, Director General of Inter Press Service.

Questions to be addressed include: What do we understand by translation? How does it shape news production? What form do current translating practices take? Why is the translation of news invisible in media studies? And, in what way does cultural memory shape translation?

Eric Wishart, Editor-in-Chief of Agence France Presse, said: “International news agencies rely on multilingual teams of journalists to provide their news from around the world. A case in point was the war in Iraq and its aftermath, where accurate and rapid translation was vital to AFP's coverage.”

The Internet, digital and cable media is increasing global interaction and the new media explosion is fuelling an ever-growing interest in issues of translation.

As global information networks consolidate the significance of translation is dramatically increasing, yet its role has been largely neglected and linguistic difference ignored.

Transnational media networks and the worldwide circulation of information are features of modern day societies across the globe. News translation takes place in a world characterised by social and linguistic diversity, and translation is a key factor in shaping intercultural communication. But, until now, language and cultural diversity in the media has largely been ignored.

To register for the event contact: Dr Esperança Bielsa Mialet, Centre for Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies, University of Warwick, Tel: 024 76574783 Visit the Translation in Global News site more information: