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Gifted Young Muslim Celebrates British Culture in Poetry Collection

Fatima Anwar, Our World
Fatima Anwar, with her poetry
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A British Asian Muslim schoolgirl from England's National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth has just had a volume of poetry published by League of British Muslims and Cheetah Books demonstrating how she, like many British Muslims, is a proud participants in mainstream British Culture.

Fatima Jamila Anwar, is a13 year old British Muslim born to parents of Pakistani origin, is a pupil at King Henry VIII in Coventry and a member of England's National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth based at the University of Warwick.

She has been writing poetry since aged 10 on many topics dear to her heart and this, her first published work, is entitled " Our World". It is a collection of 60 poems including works on; Christmas, Cricket, and World Cup Football.

Fatima's poetry shows that despite being non Christian many young Muslims fully participate in Christmas and other religious festivities and contribute fully in class room related activities, to celebrate multi-faith Britain. Several poems in the collection celebrate her parents in ways that demonstrate that Muslim British children's particular reverence for their parents is seen not just in actively celebrating their birthdays but also uses western traditions such as Mother's Day and Father's Day.

Publisher Bashir Choudhry said "Bearing in mind the latest debate about lack of integration of ethnic minority children and the community, we believe that the publication and dissemination will project that ethnic minority children, regardless of their origin, are as British as they could be."

For further information please contact:

Fatima's parents can be reached at
02476 523 604 or Tel: 024 76 524870

Peter Dunn, Press and Media Relations Manager,
University of Warwick Tel: 024 76 523708
or 07767 655860 email:

Publisher's Contact Bashir Choudhry
Eton Road Community Centre,
Ilford, Essex IG1 2UE
Tel: 020 8514 0706

21st November 2005