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7% of the robots sold in the UK are now on drugs

The latest survey of robot sales in the UK produced by British Automation and Robot Association (BARA), based at the University of Warwick, reveals that 7% of the robots sold in the UK are now on drugs. Pharmaceutical industry stands out clearly as being a significant growth area for UK robot sales against an overall robot sales market that appears relatively static.

Pharmaceuticals led the way in growth of UK Robot sales with 69 units out of 1085 being sold in 2005 to that sector. Other growing sectors were building products (43) and aerospace (22). The food industry saw sales of 51 robots but that figure had changed little form the previous year despite early predictions that food would be the next big user of this technology.

Dr Ken Young who led the BARA/University of Warwick survey will be taking part in the MACH exhibition of the latest in robot technology at the NEC on the week beginning Monday 15th May. The exhibition will include robots of the form now being employed in pharmaceutical industry along with vision guided robots, twin arm robots and robots with up to 36 joints controlled simultaneously and on the less serious side the exhibition will also feature a Robot barman.........

For further details please contact:

Dr Ken Young BARA / University of Warwick
Mobile: 0777 534345

Peter Dunn, Press & Media Relations Manager
University of Warwick, Tel: 024 76 523708
07767 655860

PR31 17th May 2006