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Indian Government Forges New partnership With West Midlands Small Firms & WMG

A new partnership between small firms in India and the West Midlands is to be launched at the Warwick Manufacturing Group at the University of Warwick on Monday 11th September. Mr Anupam Dasgupta, Secretary to the Government of India Ministry of Small Scale Industries and Ministry of Agro and Rural Industries, will be visiting WMG that morning to launch the new partnership.

Mr Dasgupta has responsibility for developing networks for small firms in India and between the UK & India. This is his second visit to WMG to discus this exciting project and he will also be visiting West Midlands small firms who have benefited by working with WMG.

WMG's Dr Jay Bal, who is leading this project says, "The Indians are very interested in the on-line systems and services we have created to assist small firms in supporting their collaboration and in finding new markets. India is a very large country and new technology has huge potential in enabling small firms' to collaborate to win orders.

India is also a huge potential market for UK small firms and effective partnerships and collaborations between West Midlands and Indian firms can offer great opportunities for both sides this is a win-win opportunity".

The partnership will forge links between West Midlands and Indian small firms providing for technology transfer, the exchange of mentors in specific industrial fields, work to promote and support enterprise-to-enterprise cooperation and joint ventures, mutual assistance in exhibitions and industrial fairs, and special events and seminars in both the UK and India.

Mr Anupam Dasgupta will be accompanied by Mr Samuel Joseph of the Export Import Bank of India (EXIM Bank) who are looking to fund such ventures and Mr Ram Venuprasad Special Assistance Director of the Commonwealth Secretariat who is responsible for the Commonwealth SME assistance projects in numerous countries.

Mr Anupam Dasgupta will be at WMG between 11am and 12 noon on Monday

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PR63 PJD 7th September 2006