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Video News Release

Name Description File Size
Cutaways Cutaways mpeg4 (156 MB)
Graham Hine IV Interview with Graham Hine (Broadcast Quality) (443 MB)
Graham Hine Interview Footage Graham Hine Interview Footage (25 MB)
Mark Allman-Ward IV Interview with Mark Allman-Ward (Broadcast Quality) (1.4 GB)
Mark Allman-Ward Interview Footage Mark Allman-Ward Interview Footage mpeg4 (79 MB)
Paul Jennings IV Interview with Paul Jennings (Broadcast Quality) (1.1 GB)
Paul Jennings Interview Footage Paul Jennings Interview Footage mpeg4 (65 MB)
Rebecca Cain IV Interview with Rebecca Cain (Broadcast Quality) (951 MB)
Rebecca Cain Interview Footage Rebecca Cain Interview Footage mpeg4 (35 MB)
UFO Sound UFO sound (138 KB)
cutaways 1 Cutaways of Elivin, The electric car (Broadcast) (1.8 GB)
cutaways 2 Cutaways of the soundlab (broadcast) (896 MB)

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