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University of Warwick researcher calls for re-think on celebrity obsessed culture

AngieHobbsA philosophy researcher at the University of Warwick has urged for a re-evaluation of our notions of celebrity – calling for a return to when fame was a reward rather than simply a goal.

Dr Angie Hobbs made the call as the country gears up for the next installment of Celebrity Big Brother, which starts on Channel 5 on August 18.

The Senior Fellow in the Public Understanding of Philosophy has recorded a podcast exploring what Plato would have to say about the popular reality TV show and goes on to discuss the nature of celebrity and he differences between the way we view fame today and how it would have been perceived by Plato and his contemporaries.

The relevance of fame to Platonic notions of psychology is considered, and Dr Hobbs offers her own insights into what today’s celebrity culture says about the psychological condition of modern society.

To listen to the podcast click on the play button below:


Notes to Editors

Dr Angie Hobbs can be reached on 02476522323 or on 07969487755.

For more details contact Luke Hamer, Assistant Press Officer, University of Warwick on 02476 575601 or on 07824 541142 or email