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Today’s the day the teddy bears see the doctor

Every bear that ever there was gathered at a Coventry primary school  for a special clinic for sick teddies.

Children at Frank Whittle Primary School were recently invited to take their furry friends into the classroom to meet medical students from the University of Warwick.

Teddy The students are members of the Warwick Teddy Bear Hospital and they use the bears to help dispel some of the anxiety children feel when they visit the doctor.Warwick Teddy Bear Hospital is a public health project aimed at children between the ages of three to seven years.

During the sessions the students set up four stations which teach pupils about healthy eating, the human body, the emergency services and finally they visit the teddy bear clinic.Third year Warwick Medical School student Claire Sogeler is one of the founding members of the group.

She said: “During the session the children can draw on a diagram of a teddy to show what is wrong with their bear. Then the medical students will examine the bear and write a prescription. Usually it will be for extra hugs or TLC.”Claire said the clinics were an important teaching tool for the pupils and the students.

Liz Mc Neil & Hope Madzima She said: “We are showing the children that going to the doctors is nothing to be afraid of. In turn, we are getting experience of talking to children as future doctors.”Teacher Lorraine Morris has helped to organise the session at Frank Whittle Primary School.

She said the teddy bear hospital would be an important experience for the pupils. She added: “It reinforces all our messages about healthy eating and it is the right atmosphere for children to feel comfortable asking questions. It is certainly something we would like to continue in the future.” Warwick Teddy Bear Hospital will be making visits to a number of schools in the region during the next few weeks.

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