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Twins graduate with identical degrees at the University of Warwick

Edusei twinsIt was a double celebration for twin sisters Lynette and Ginette Edusei as they both graduated from the University of Warwick with Sociology degrees this summer.

The 22-year-olds, originally from London, both achieved a 2:1 in their degrees and put Warwick down as their first choice for university.

Ginette said: “Initially I was thinking of going somewhere else and Lynette was keen to join Warwick. But when we visited the campus, we both fell in love with everything Warwick had to offer and we both wanted to study here.”

The girls have supported each other through their studies. Lynette said: “We were able to test one another as we took all the same modules as well and, if either of us were ever stuck on anything, it was great having someone there to ask for help!”

They both agreed that they made the right choice to stick together during their time at university.

Ginette said: “Having someone I already knew alongside me was reassuring. Starting university and being away from home was quite overwhelming, but being in a pair made things much easier in social environments in the beginning”.

Lynette added: “We also now have all the same friends which is nice!”

Ginette will be coming back to the University of Warwick to study for a Masters in Management and Organisational Analysis.

Lynette plans to go to law school at the London College of Law.

Notes to editors

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