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University of Warwick and testing mega lab in Leamington Spa

The University of Warwick is geographically very close to the proposed location of a testing mega lab in Leamington Spa that was announced today. The University has been asked if we can help with this initiative and we have offered our full support. We believe that we can provide significant assistance that will be crucial to getting the mega lab up and running quickly and effectively.

We are currently running our own covid-19 test and trace programme for symptomatic Warwick staff and students, and we are also proactively preparing to support the recent government announcement that they intend to provide universities with testing kits for the mass asymptomatic testing of our students. We also already provide Warwick staff and facilities to support the covid-19 testing work of a partner hospital.

Even with those pre-existing Covid-19 testing commitments we believe that we can also play a key role in the success of this mega lab project. As one of the UK’s leading research led universities we have a significant number of staff and research students with laboratory skills, and experience in the establishment and operation of laboratory spaces, and we are already working closely with the team looking to establish the mega lab.