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Warwick Crop Centre to host workshop on new crops for UK farmers

CropCentreThe challenge of supplying more food in a changing climate will be the focus of a Warwick Crop Centre workshop, to be held between 19th-20th November 2014.

Organised by the University of Warwick and Crop- Innovations and supported by the Knowledge Transfer Network, the workshop will bring together researchers, agronomists, farmers and industry representatives to discuss how to tackle the issue of over-reliance on a small number of crop species. Participants will explore the possibility of additional crops being introduced into UK-based farming.

Speaking at the event will be farmers and growers discussing their experiences and presentations from local researchers providing examples of possible alternative crops. A range of representatives from different parts of the food supply chain and supporting organisations will be attending to give the widest perspective on the issues raised.

Workshop organiser Dr Charlotte Allender, from the Warwick’s School of Life Sciences, said:

“Our over-reliance on a small number of crop species limits our ability to respond to the challenge of supplying more food in a changing climate.

The workshop will assess this problem and explore how using a wider range of crop species will create more resilient growing systems and farmers will be less dependent on the success of only a few crops or on protein imports for animal feed.

We are bringing together relevant stakeholders together to discuss the options of species, investigate the barriers to their further usage and identify action points. We will also discuss development of a consortium for research and development of novel crops.”

The first day will comprise talks, a panel discussion and a dinner followed the next day by an optional discussion for those interested in forming a consortium.

  • To register for the workshop, which requires a £50 minimum donation, please visit:

5 November 2014


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