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Warwick launches guide to promote LGBTUA+ role models

Warwick FlagsA new guide promoting LGBTUA+ role models has been launched by the University of Warwick.

Role Models Guide: Celebrating LGBTUA+ at Warwick both celebrates the diversity of the Warwick community and highlights the stories of LGBTUA+ students, staff and alumni to provide support to community members in their work and studies.

Available to all members of the Warwick community online and in hard-copy, Role Models Guide: Celebrating LGBTUA+ at Warwick aims to encourage staff and students to bring their whole selves to their work and studies, as who they are is important to what they do in their lives both at Warwick and beyond.

“The guide tells the stories of a group of LGBTUA+ students, staff and alumni who have chosen to share their experiences of Warwick”, says the guide’s creator and current Warwick PhD student Ross Jaggers.

Ross Jaggers“The recent act of terror in Orlando is a stark reminder that LGBTUA+ people across the globe continue to be victims of hatred and violence. Showing our solidarity with the LGBTUA+ community is more important than ever at this time, as well as protecting our freedom to feel safe and comfortable however we identify.”

“I wanted Warwick to proudly, and loudly, declare that the freedom to be yourself matters. By sharing the stories of some of the inspirational LGBTUA+ individuals of Warwick, we can show that diversity makes us stronger. From senior management, to professors, to students, you can find examples of strong role models here. They show that having the confidence to be yourself and being the very best at what you do matters”, says Mr Jaggers.

After attending a Stonewall Young Leaders Programme, Mr Jaggers presented the idea of the guide to the University of Warwick’s Registrar and Chief operating officer, Ken Sloan. Writing for the guide Mr Sloan says:

“In an environment like Warwick you don’t have to try hard to build connections and sometimes even have the opportunity to inspire people; you just have to be yourself. There is no Warwick type; this is a community that is generous and welcoming to an eclectic set of people, whether we look through an LGBT lens or any other. That is what makes it special.”

Discussing his ambition for the guide and working with the University on its creation, Mr Jaggers says:

“I’m grateful that the University supported my initiative to share the stories of such a wonderful group, and I only regret not having had the chance to speak to a more diverse pool of people. With any luck, staff and students will see that inclusion and diversity matters to Warwick, and together we can support everyone in our community.”

You can read the guide now at



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