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Warwick Student Wins Place on Special China Programme for Outstanding Youth

Valerie Yating He 


University of Warwick student Valerie Yating He, has won a place on a highly selective programme for outstanding young chinese people.  The Programme, “The China Synergy Programme for Outstanding Youth” offers students of ethnic Chinese origin the chance to partake in a month long all expenses paid study visit to China to give them a range of  current Chinese cultural experiences in China and brief them about the latest  current socio-economical, technological and cultural developments in China.

Places on the programme are highly sought after owing to the stringent selection criteria. Valerie Yating He, is an ethnic Chinese Scottish student from Lenzie in Glasgow. She is studying for an Accounting and Finance degree at the University of Warwick’s Warwick Business School (WBS).

Applicants for this prestigious programme had to demonstrate outstanding scholastic and personal  achievements. Valerie was easily able to do so.  She is about to finish her three year Accounting and Finance degree at the University of Warwick’s Warwick Business School despite being only 19  -  two years younger than her fellow students.  

When not studying her life has been filled with a vast range of other activities and achievements including: getting down to the final few competing for a major movie role of the character ‘Cho Chang’ in the  Harry Potter movies (a possible love interest for Harry Potter), work experience in Goldman Sachs and the Bank of China, taking part in a fashion shoot for the Sing Tao newspaper, and she is now looking to organize a period of time as an English language teacher in China during this summer. Her visit to China  starts on June 30th.

The programme are paying  for all  her accommodation and travel costs within  China  and the University of Warwick are paying for her flights to China and  registration fee. When she has completed her visit, and her possible subsequent visit to China as an English language teacher, she will be taking up a job at KBC Financial products in London. 

Note for Editors: This year's annual China Synergy Programme for Outstanding Youth consists of a series of exploration and exchange activities, which will be held in various major cities in mainland China and Hong Kong. The Programme aims at providing an opportunity for outstanding Chinese youths to learn about the current socio-economical, technological and cultural development of China. During their time in the Chinese cities, delegates will have chances to meet people from different circles, ranging from distinguished persons to local residents.

Valerie can be reached by mobile via Peter Dunn details below 

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Valerie Yating He       Valerie Yating He


For further information please contact:        

Peter Dunn, Press and Media Relations Manager,
University of Warwick Tel: 024 76 523708   
or 07767 655860


PJD37 24th April  2007