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Warwick students told to keep their WITS about them to prevent becoming victims of crime

A Warwick theatre group has teamed up with local police to devise a dramatic way of getting the crime prevention message out to local students.

On Friday 4 February, members of the Warwick Improvisation Theatre Society (WITS) will be performing a travelling road show - with the back of a flat-bed lorry doubling as a stage.  They plan to stop at key student resident sites around the University’s campus and put on the five minute show.  The message behind their performance will be to remind students to do the simple things to prevent burglars opportunely striking.

PC Mick Parkes whose patch covers the University of Warwick’s campus, explained:  “You’d be staggered to learn of the number of occasions where valuables are stolen from student accommodation and halls of residence purely because people have left windows open, car doors unlocked and valuables like laptops clearly on display.”

The top tips for keeping your possessions safe are:
Always close your windows and lock the door when you leave your room unattended, even if just for a few minutes.
Make sure valuables such as laptops, wallets and purses are hidden away from view.
Be vigilant - make sure no one follows you in through the main entrance.

“By remembering to take these few simple precautions, you can vastly reduce the risk of being targeted by opportunist criminals.”

Mick added:  “We are hoping that the show will liven up our crime prevention initiative and bring these messages directly to the students in a memorable, fun way.  If they go away being more aware of securing their property, cars and valuables, that’s one drama I’d say ‘bravo’ to.”

The show is planned for Friday 4 February from 5pm until 7pm and will stop off at the following points: Rootes (2 stops), Jack Martin, Arthur Vick, Tocil, Claycroft, Westwood (2 stops), Lakeside, Heronbank,  Cryfield and to finish on the Piazza outside the Students’ Union.

For more information please contact Dan Persaud, Director of Student Support, on 02476 575570 or Kate Cox in the University of Warwick’s Communications office on +44 (0)2476 150483/574255, m: +44(0)7920 531221 or