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Warwick team gives exceptional performance at European International Submarine Race

subAfter two years’ development and two weeks of racing, engineering students from the University of Warwick were awarded 2nd in UK and 4th place overall at the European International Submarine Race (eISR) event in Gosport, Hampshire.

The team of Warwick engineering students raced a human-powered submarine around an underwater course measuring 175m. This one-man craft was piloted by a student in scuba gear lying down and peddling to drive rear propellers while steering via a joystick at the front. Speed and agility were crucial as any interactions with course markers incurred penalties; the sub with the fewest penalties and fastest time won.

The competition itself is recognised globally as an opportunity for some of the best students, from a host of universities, to demonstrate their knowledge and passion for engineering,

Students are required to work as a team applying the skills learnt on their course to a practical application. The culmination of the project in the UK is a week-long event where teams are assessed on a variety of criteria, following the completion of straight-line and slalom courses. The overall winner is determined on the basis of design, manufacture, performance and lessons learned. Awards also include those for speed, agility, innovation and presentation.

Warwick Submarine Team Leader, James Fairbairn said: “Leading Warwick into the 2014 eISR has been the highlight of my degree. The challenges and experiences in the build process, combined with the collaborative spirit, good-natured competition and friendships & networking made at the event itself have been priceless. I look forward to following and assisting future generations of Warwick Submarine in their endeavours”

Dr Ian Tuersley, Principal Teaching Fellow at WMG, said “This year’s Submarine Team have exceeded any expectations that we may have had for their performance (as first-time entrants) at the eISR competition in Gosport. I was delighted that each of the team achieved a first-class grade for their Group Project. Furthermore, the experience of not only producing a viable entry but actually being competitive with institutions with a great deal more experience, institutional specialisation and resources has, I am pleased to see, been very enjoyable. I am very proud of their achievement.”


Further Information

Warwick’s multi-disciplinary team consisted of James Fairbairn, Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering; Cameron Blackwell, Civil Engineering; Ben Cadge, Mechanical Engineering; Shane Wickramasuriya, Mechanical Engineering; Edward Morris, Mechanical Engineering; Lingesh Coneti, Mechanical Engineering; Richard Kemp, General Engineering.

The competition took place at QinetiQ’s Ocean Basin tank. It is the largest fresh water tank in Europe measuring 122m x 61m x 5.5m deep - effectively a football pitch underwater. The water is clean and clear, giving about 30m of visibility.

The Warwick Sub team were also awarded the QuinetiQ Price for Most Dramatic Performance and Day 3 Racing Winner. They came joint 2nd in the Poster Competition and 3rd in the Design Report.

They were further honoured by being one of two submarines showcased at the Awards Ceremony.

Warwick Submarine Youtube:


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18 July 2014





Further Information:

Melissa Holloway, Assistant Press Officer, University of Warwick,
Tel: +44 (0)24 76 575601 Mobile/Cell: +44 (0)7824 541142



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