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Warwick welcomes visitors from the University of Oslo

The University of Warwick’s Faculty of Social Sciences welcomed 12 visitors from the University of Oslo last week.

The Oslo delegation met with a number of people from the Faculty to see what lessons could be learned from the research and teaching strategies at the University of Warwick.

The visit took place on Thursday 2 February and it was hosted by the Chair of the Faculty of Social Sciences Professor Christina Hughes.

Professor Hughes said: “The University of Oslo chose Warwick because they are impressed with how we have developed a significant academic standing in a relatively short time and they are interested in how we have achieved this.

“Warwick Social Sciences is in the Top 50 of Social Science faculties globally. They were particularly interested in long term strategies in both teaching, including lifelong learning and professional development activities, and research. They were also, importantly, interested in discussing with us the contribution of Warwick social science to benefiting society."