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Knowledge Exchange Statement



Our Charter sets out our institutional objective:

The advancement of learning and knowledge by teaching and research and the provision of University education.

To this, we add a profound commitment to sharing that learning and knowledge with the wider world.

Our goal is to undertake sector-leading knowledge exchange that makes a difference, making lives healthier, fairer, safer, just, resilient and more enriched. We value all forms of knowledge exchange equally and our doors are open to all who share our core values – we welcome partnerships with business, industry, government, public sector organisations, health providers, charities, our local community and the public.

Excellence with Purpose

Our 2030 ‘Excellence with Purpose’ University strategy sets out how we will be excellent in everything we do and how our excellence will be channelled into a renewed purpose and impact. Our core purposes of Research and Education, and underpinned by our four strategic priorities; Innovation, Inclusion, Internationalisation and Regional Leadership, drive our approach to Knowledge Exchange.


Our research and enterprise activities increasingly address the major economic, environmental and societal problems facing our region, nation and world. We will continue to deepen our engagement with industrial and other partners who share our ambitions and approach to innovation.

By developing a wider range of partnerships with industry and business, public authorities and agencies, charities and cultural organisations, we will increase our impact on the world beyond, as well as within, academia. We are driving prosperity through innovation, with more than 300 businesses accessing our state-of-the-art scientific equipment last year.


Our campus has no confines. Our staff and students are out and about in the region learning and listening. Our volunteer networks actively help those in need. We take our engagement work out across the region, from community halls and pubs, to big festivals and country fairs. We are building inspirational partnerships with schools and colleges to raise the aspirations and attainment of children before they consider a university education.


Our knowledge exchange takes place via a huge range of international collaborations with the business community and other sectors and we continue to look outwards to Europe and the world. Talented academics and researchers from every corner of the planet make Warwick their home, presenting opportunities to engage in truly global knowledge exchange.

We will continue to develop our international presence, thus helping to realise our ambition to make Warwick one of the world’s leading international universities.

Regional Leadership

Through knowledge exchange, have been a catalyst and partner for regional development and sustainability for decades. WMG has been delivering innovative research with the automotive sector for over 40 years, bringing long-term local productivity gains as well as benefiting the wider national economy. Our research, including the new £3m ESRC-funded Productivity Institute, and our engagement with regional partners, fundamentally underpins local growth strategies. The University's Science Park contains 130 tenant companies, employing more than 2,900 staff and providing facilities for start-ups and established companies.

We are ambitious to grow our knowledge exchange with policymakers at local, regional and national levels – building on existing success in this area. Our researchers are already supporting evidence-based policy-making on management and recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, the drive towards clean transport and technologies and the UK’s Net Zero commitments.