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Local Growth and Regeneration



Warwick has clear strategies for the growth and regeneration of our local area.

Our geographical focus is Coventry and Warwickshire, extending to the greater West Midlands. We have three key strategies for leading the economic, social and cultural growth of our region, making it a better place for all to study, work, live, and visit - and more sustainable for future generations. Our approach is focused on our research leadership, place-making, and partnerships. We are supporting local people and places to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic by ensuring growth strategies benefit from Warwick’s expertise, activities and facilities. The difference we make is evidenced in a variety of ways, from policy changes and industry partnerships, through to transformational impact.

Regional Leadership

Warwick’s Regional Leadership is a key pillar of our institutional strategy, underpinning our activity and ensuring an emphasis on local growth and regeneration. Our strategic objective is to play a still greater role in leading the economic, social and cultural growth of our region.

Our primary geographical focus is Coventry & Warwickshire, which remains at the core of our identity, and we contribute to the wider Midlands region, the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) and Midlands Engine.

Our Approach

Our approach to local growth is informed by our research and regional engagement. Warwick’s world-class research centres and programmes work closely with regional businesses, communities, local authorities and partners - providing a unique perspective on our place. This informs where we focus our Knowledge Exchange activities so that they provide maximum social and economic benefit for our region.

Our centres of expertise, such as the Enterprise Research Centre (ERC), the Productivity Institute and High Value Manufacturing Catapult, drive new ideas and innovation, with a strong focus on regional need and identifying barriers to growth. Partnerships in areas such as mental health, creative industries and energy enable us to lever funding to explore ‘what works’. Our collaborative approach to local growth is reflected in the range of projects we deliver with regional partners, allowing us to meaningfully engage with stakeholders and informing delivery of our regional policy engagement, our programmes for industry and our support for the regional economy.

We have focused our local growth activities on:

1. Addressing the issue of regional productivity in key supply chains

2. Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic

3. Strengthening and diversifying the regional economy through support for innovation and enterprise

4. Ensuring regional businesses have access to skills and talent for growth and that local people have access to those opportunities


Warwick is committed to playing a leading role in our region. Our Vice-Chancellor attends the CWLEP Board, WMCA Economic Growth Board and West Midlands Growth Company Board. Key academics have advised CWLEP, the Productivity and Skills Board, the Midlands Engine Observatory and Economic Board, and we convene the Regional Productivity Forum. Professional services staff sit on the Coventry and Warwickshire Place Board, Business in the Community, and many partnership boards across the region. WMG leads the West Midlands Innovation Alliance virtual innovation team in manufacturing, supporting businesses in all the sectors and major market opportunities of the WM Local Industrial Strategy. We supported a senior secondment from the University to the role of Strategy and Partnerships Director at CWLEP, enabling further alignment our activity with the changing needs of Coventry and Warwickshire.

These commitments enabled the University to react quickly with regional partners in response to COVID-19.


Our expertise and partnerships enable us to support local growth and place-shaping - combining our activities, leadership and civic responsibilities to contribute to economic and social value. Warwick is committed to our role as an anchor institution and recognise our responsibility to play our part in creating a connected innovation ecosystem with the infrastructure, talent and ideas to generate sustained and inclusive growth.

We champion our region and have made strategic investments in resources to improve outcomes for the people who live here.